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As of November 2019, we added a FUSION3, 3-D printer to our equipment list. We currently can design and create a CMM holding fixture for parts that do not have a holding fixture available or where one will never be built. These fixtures will never replace a traditional in process gage, but what it will do, it will help eliminate inconsistencies due to product warpage or immediately show product non-conformities like a GO/NO GO gage. These 3D holding fixtures can be created in a day compared to weeks it would take to create a traditional holding fixture. The cost would be considerably less, not to mention the peace of mind knowing the layouts provided are not skewed by a products defects than can easily be resolved with a fixture.


Tetrahedron Cube to aid in axis visualization. XYZ for Engineering, CMM, CNC, or Fixtures!

Available here!

Jim White

CMM / Technical Sales

Tel:  586.293.4420

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